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Production Assistant Workshop Series


Learn how to best prepare yourself for your first day in a Production Office, from industry professionals with credits from Marvel Studios, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, and HBO. This workshop will cover the basics of the Production Office, including:

  • Production-specific Terminology
  • “First Day In The Office” Checklist
  • Production Office Do’s & Don’ts
  • Office Phone Etiquette
  • Document Distro 101
  • Production Run Basics
  • Joys of P-Card Rectification
  • Lunch Order Emergency Preparedness


Learn how to best prepare yourself for your first day on set, from industry professionals with credits from shows such as Atlanta, Cobra Kai, The Act, and Sleepy Hollow.
The workshop will cover the basics of working on a professional set, including:

  • Set-specific Terminology
  • “First Day on Set” Checklist
  • Chain of command
  • Walkie Etiquette
  • Common responsibilities of set PAs
  • Shot Protocol
  • And much more!


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Screenwriting Essentials

The objective of this class is to acquaint you with the fundamentals of screenwriting, with an emphasis on structure and characterization. The goal is to have each student complete a narrative outline and a script for a short film.

This class is perfect for aspiring screenwriters, storytellers, and anyone with a passion for crafting compelling narratives. Whether you’re a novice writer eager to explore the world of screenwriting or a seasoned writer looking to refine your skills, this course is designed to provide a solid foundation in the fundamentals of storytelling, structure, and character development. It’s an ideal choice for individuals aiming to create engaging short films and learn the art of effective screenwriting.


Introduction to VFX and Animation

This class is perfect for aspiring visual storytellers, creative minds, and anyone passionate about bringing digital worlds to life. Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore the exciting realm of VFX and animation or a budding artist seeking a comprehensive understanding of the entire production process, this course is tailored to empower your artistic journey.

  • Students will attain an intrinsic understanding of how VFX and computer-generated animations are achieved.
  • Students will be introduced to the major aspects of the VFX/Animation process, from start to finish.
  • Students will learn at a high level each of the following disciplines and how they are interrelated to each other; match moving, modeling, rigging, animating, texturing, lighting/rendering, FXs, layout, compositing, and editing.
  • Students will be given the opportunity, tools, and guidance to create their own computer-generated media.

Film Acting Series with Alliance Theatre

In this three-part series with the Alliance Theatre you will:

  • Perform on-camera acting exercises
  • Sharpen your acting skills take after take
  • Receive individual feedback for your work
  • Learn about close-ups, continuity, and auditioning
  • Take your first step toward the silver screen.

Sharpen your on-camera acting skills, develop your film acting technique, create and build relationships, motivate your scenes through positive expectations, and perform scenes on camera.

Put your film acting technique into practice, find out what is expected on a film set, workshop full-length film scenes, and receive direction from experienced professionals.

Sign up for Individual courses or all three in the series.

Using Improvisation to Develop Sketch Comedy with Dad’s Garage

Unlock your creativity, hone your comedic instincts, and dive into the world of sketch comedy with this exciting and dynamic course offered in collaboration with Dad’s Garage Theatre. 

Using improvisation and proven writing techniques, students will develop sketches as individuals and in small groups. At the end of the 5-week course, sketches will be filmed at Trillith Institute, helping students add to or start building their sketch comedy reels.

Whether you’re an aspiring comedian or just looking to have a blast while learning acting or screenwriting, this class will take you on a journey through the art of improvisation and sketch comedy development. Dad’s Garage, a renowned comedy institution, brings its expertise to your fingertips in this hands-on, laughter-filled experience.

Students will participate in weekly group writing sessions outside of class to further develop the skill of pitching ideas, how to give and take critical feedback, and how to work with others in a writing room scenario. Students create their very own scripts that can be recorded at the end of the course.

Cinematic Storyboarding with Floyd County Productions

Taught by an industry professional with over a decade’s experience in storyboarding and art direction for many popular television programs, most recently Archer.

If you are an artist that’s interested in bolstering your visual storytelling skills for television and film production this 12-week course offers just that.

This course is for artists who already have skill sets in drawing fundamentals (constructive figure drawing, perspective drawing, composition, etc) and are familiar with working digitally.

Attendees who complete the course will gain a better understanding of how the process works in actual television/film production and the skills they need to competently work as a board artist in the industry.

The course will be an in-person with all the access to tools and materials of the trade – storyboard pro, Cintiq workstations, etc will be made available to students taking the course.

At the end of this course, there will be an opportunity to apply for a job with this skill set at Floyd County.

Please reach out using our contact page if you have any questions or concerns.