Trilith Institute Creative Excellence Fellowship Grant

The Trilith Institute Creative Excellence Fellowship Grant (TICEFG) is a program designed for higher education film students (undergraduate and graduate level) to apply for a wide range of benefits from the Trilith Institute. The primary goal of the TICEFG is to prepare students for the working environment they will encounter in the Film and Entertainment industry, while simultaneously elevating the overall professionalism and quality of their productions.


Potential Fellowship Grant Benefits:

  • Financial grants
  • Cross-university or school collaborations
  • Access to Trilith Institute’s applicable partnerships
  • Assistance with identifying industry professional crew and/or advisors
  • Discounted mealed/crafty options
  • Institute experience and expertise
  • Dedicated “Supervising Executives” from the Trilith Institute, who will replicate real world experiences
  • Discounted access to the Writers’ Room of Georgia
  • Mentorship designed to aid the project, career advancement, and long-term goals
  • Free bootcamp training sessions through the Trilith Institute academic curriculum

For more information, email